Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been too long

I'm on a trip back in VBC for a day, which is how I managed to get near the internet. It turns out they really don't like us keeping blogs, which is why I don't have one, do I? Anyway, I wanted to assure everyone that I am alive and well and looking forward to finishing this tour up so that I can be home to be with all of you.

I have yet another new team leader and this one is really excited about helping me move forward with my career in the Army. We're even talking about putting in a packet for Chaplain, which would also be an officer position, so I could be in the ministry and stay in the Army; the best of both worlds? I think so.

I only have 30 short minutes of battery power left at this point, stupid Iraqi plugs don't fit anything. I am going to try to maintain this better but it is very hard to get near the internet in Taji. Know that you all are always in my prayers and I know I am in yours.

Until next time,
take care;

PFC. Pahman, Jesse C.
United States Army
Camp Taji, Iraq