Saturday, February 7, 2009

The new car

I took home my new car last night. It's been a drama filled event that I'm sure is not over yet. It was for sale at a mechanic shop who was selling it for the owner. I put $100 to hold it and then came back with $900 more when our tax return came in. They didn't bite and I told them I'd get the other $300 (still a good deal for this car). What started to upset me was the fact that they couldn't get a hold of the owner to get the title. In fact I still think they charged more than the owner was asking, I'm meeting with the owner later today to get the title and straighten out any pricing issues. Yesterday they wrote me a bill of sale and I took the car home. The rules have changed on post so all I need to bring a vehicle on is my ID. Today I'm going to take it to the craft shop on post (garage) and take a good look at the car all the way around.

I have some pictures that I took last night and a couple I took this morning so I'll post those up and update things as the day goes along.