Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm painfully behind on this

It is now 5 Nov 2008 and I'm watching NCIS, all FIVE seasons, while waiting for my time in this country to expire.

What is most notable about November, well two things OK three actually, is that the First marked my two year in service mark. That's right I have been a Private in the US Army for two years. Which brings me to point 2. Two years active duty in the service, barring any misconduct, means an automatic promotion to E4 Specialist. Yes that means after MONTHS of working, straining, begging to be promoted, the Army just gave it to me. I forgot part of point one, looking back in retrospect, the two year in service mark comes with a tenure raise. That promotion to E4 also comes with a raise. The third point is that it's November, which I have said twice now, but that also means that I'll be coming home. Soon in fact. Avid followers of this blog know I cannot discuss confidential information on a public forum or unsecured channel. Suffice it to say there is not long now.

I really wish I could say more. I'm practically oozing with emotion, but nothing I want to say can be said. Those of you in Michigan can look forward to seeing the whole fam in mid-late December.

Also I'm pretty sure now that I will be going officer. I've done some more research and it seems like I pretty much qualify without anything more than I already have. Have to double check on needing a security clearance yet, but I'm working that angle too. In any event that put me in the Army for at least two more years to get a degree and that's just the time it'll take to get my commission. There is no minimum commitment time once I get a commission but with the amount of pay I'll be getting I may just stick this military thing out. A military retirement is highly desirable. Retire after 20 years and the medical benefits continue for life, for you and your spouse, and you get 50% of your base pay for life. Stick it out for 30 years and the compensation ups to 100%. Officer pay with that much time in service? I'd not only never have to work again I'd likely never need to. Once I get my commission my starting pay will $3215.10. add in housing pay, benefits, substance allowance, it really starts to add up.

That's all future though. My focus at the moment is getting out of this country. Right after I watch a few more days worth of NCIS. It seems most of you have found me on Facebook but if you would actually like  a live chat look me up on AOL's Instant Messenger, and look up jcpahman77. If I'm awake and the internet is working out here, I'm on.

Until we meet again in person, this is SPECIALIST Pahman, signing off...

SPC Pahman, Jesse C.
United States Army
Camp Liberty, Iraq