Sunday, October 28, 2007

Maybe I was a little rash

A good night's sleep and some prayer has allowed a little bit of an epiphany. It seems to me that if my leadership knew I was having a conversation with my old platoon yesturday before they even left that it couldn't have been them that "leaked" any info. It has to be someone here tattling on me and misconstruing what I'm saying. So, I'll go on posting here and chatting much as I did, I'll just watch my tongue around the others I work with. I have a good feeling who it is, which doesn't really matter, I'll just make sure if I'm stating opinions that they are well formed and direct so that they cannot be twisted to be used against me. As I stated in my last posting I am doing quite well over all, staying busy working on the trucks and pulling missions when assigned to.

PV2., Pahman, Jesse C. (soon to change)
United States Army
Camp Liberty, Iraq

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anybody else miss the simplier times?

I think this is pretty much going to do it for the blog ladies and gentlemen. It's becoming too much of a hastle. Everytime I have a conversation with someone back in TQ it "comes to the attention" of my leadership here. It's only a matter of time before they begin to read this too and pick and pry at what I'm posting and why. I can't keep watching what I'm saying all the time, I have feelings and opinions that I'd like to share but as long as they continue to be misconstrued and used against me it's just going to be easier if I keep them to myself. Heck it's only another 13 months, I'm sure I'll be fine. Know that I'm doing well and that the Lord is with me. He guides what I do and watches over me on missions. I am constantly praised for my hard work and knowledge and I am very safe but the hastles that come with simple comunications aren't worth it. I have a headache right now that would make a rhino pissed off. I still hope to be able to hear about how your lives are going, keeping up with the changing world so many miles away is a big part of what keeps me going, I just don't have the energy anymore to fight a battle I seem so destined to loose. I haven't even had the time to read the comments from the last post yet, I'll be doing that next. You all are in my prayers and I'll be coming home soon. God Bless and good night, for now, this is farewell.

PV2., Pahman, Jesse C. signing off
United States Army
Camp Liberty, Iraq

Friday, October 26, 2007

The quickest way to get the "are you a retard?" look

Clean your boots in the desert. Now normally I wouldn't do it either. Whoever made these boots managed to make the leather the exact same color as the sand/dust out here, likely not by mistake either, point being they rarely look dirty. Yesturday though I had to give my truck a bath, and not like just spray it down but make sure all the dirt was completely off of it. That's a tough task for a vehicle that sees desert combat traffic, has 48 tires on the ground and is something like 60' long from end to end. Needless to say, the truck got clean and I got dirty. By the end my boots were retaining so much water, from the hose that sprung a leak, that when I stepped I could see it squishing out of the seams. The hose was quickly patched -- with DUCT TAPE, so that instead of a stream of water to deal with I had a nice fine mist. I had mud on my head by the time I was finished. So yesturday and overnight I left my boots on the a/c unit to dry. The outside of it gets quite warm so it worked out pretty good. Today after doing some work in the motorpool I began the process of scrubbing the stuck and now dried on mud off. I got the most retarded looks. So many people asked, "why are you cleaning your boots?" To which they all got this answer, "so that they'll be clean". Anyway, not much has changed since the last update, just working hard and moving alot of equipment, just another day down, another day closer to being home.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

well I brought it on myself...

Never should have started counting the days between posts. The nature of military life is a schedule that is unpredictable. We're moving to the containers now to live. Sounds funny I'm sure but it's a more permanent living structure, smaller but it has a door. We're going to have roommates but it should feel more like a home than this tent has. It's hard to find things to post here, more and more the day to day of what I'm doing just can't be posted on the internet. I've started to get more mail from home, which is always cool. I'm hoping to get/make a desk in my new room so I'll be able to write back more easily. Things are still going very well and I'm looking forward to picking up my PFC (private first class) come the first. From there I'll pickup SPC (specialist) in May and then it's a downhill trip to sergeant. Aside from that I'm just doing what I can to fight boredom, that's the hardest part about being here right now.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Has it been two days already?

I think it's been two days now since the last update, I know the dates are posted on the blog but they're starting to blur, which is good, they're passing fairly quickly. I just wanted to let everyone know I'm ok. Communications here were blacked out, I can't say more than that, even what that means if you don't know. Just know that if I go away for a period of time there isn't always anything I can do about it. Watching the news during those times may give some answers but take anything they say with a grain of salt, you know how the news can be.

Monday, October 8, 2007

This first photo is out of the window of our 5 ton truck near the DFAC. I thought the way the dirt on the window made the backdrop look was really cool, plus the American flag on the window gives it an interesting contrast.

This one is just me driving. SGT., Trujillo was nice enough to snap a picture of me. She ended up using the wrong setting on the camera but I couldn't be happier with the way it came out.

Just got back from Rustam... Rusta.. oh I can't even pronounce it anyway

It was a pretty straight forward mission, take a peice of equipment there and pickup one they didn't tell us about. I'm starting to get pictures of various different things in the motorpool and eventually on the road. It takes a bit of work for me to get them ready to upload because of the slow internet but I'm working on it. We've got some formation thing to go to where 32nd is getting their combat patch, we're 32nd TC now so we gotta go. I'm fighting off sleep, I figure if I stay awake I'll fall asleep standing up and won't have to hear any of the crap. Then I'm coming back and crashing for a while. Whenever I wake back up again I'll start on photos. Unless I get real motivated before the cerimony, we'll see I guess. Stay tuned, and thanks for all the prayers, it went without a hitch.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kelsey's Purpose

I meant to add this to my last blog entry but forgot and before I forget again I wanted to get it on here. I came accross this site, Kelsey's Purpose, on a bulliten from one of my MySpace friends. Her story is a sad one and it touched me deaply. Kelsey was born to divorced parents, her father deployed shortly after she turned one (if I have the story right) and she lived with her Mother. While Kelsey's father was away her mother remarried. Kelsey's father was on his way home from Iraq, when he called to say he was leaving the country Kelsey was ok, when he called to say he was in the states, she was dead. It turns out Kelsey's new dad had been abusing her for the past nine months and on that last occassion had hit her so hard in her stomach that she died of blunt force trauma. My heart and tears went out to the family immediately. The site tells the story better and also serves as the home for an organization that serves to help other children from abuse. I thought I'd pass it on, let's not let her death be for nothing, there is a fellow soldier who is now without his daughter after being away serving our nation, I can think of no greater loss. Let them know how you feel and maybe we can all work to make a difference.

just a mini blog entry for right now

This is just a quickie to address an issue I've noticed. First I'll put everyone's minds at ease, things are still going just fine over here, just the day to day stuff day in and day out right now, no real news. The issue I'm noticing is people trying to add me to their messenger programs. It seems the software is getting a little funky on my end. I'm getting requests from MSN and Yahoo! through Yahoo! and everytime I log in I get asked to add the same people. If I haven't added you and you are wondering why, it's the software, not me. In the meantime, you may just wanna e-mail me via I also have my snail mail (standard post mail) address for any interested

Send Mail to:
PV2., Pahman, Jesse C.
32nd TC #43338 168th BSB
Camp Liberty, Iraq
APO AE 09344

p.s. Mom and Dad Hand, I recieved your letter with the bookmark yesturday and will be bringing the bookmark with me on the road along with my Bible.