Sunday, April 20, 2008

R&R at last

I'm home at last for R&R. I got in Friday afternoon and am just about recovered from the jet lag. Diana and I went on our date last night and when I'm more awake I'll make a separate blog entry about that, if Diana doesn't beat me too it. We upgraded our little network here at home so that I can use the internet wirelessly on my laptop while I'm home, unfortunately I disconnected the phone in the process it will be fine once I finish but for a few more hours or so the phone is off; the cell of course is unaffected. So to all those wondering, I'm safe, I'm happily home and adjusting to American air again; stupid allergies. I figure today will be a good day to make calls since it is Sunday and no one is at work; I just need a bit to finish the phone.

Love you all and I'll be in touch soon.



MOM JONES! said...

Welcome home, Jesse! So thankful you arrived in El Paso safe and sound. Sorry to hear about your allergies ... they don't bother you in Iraq? When you can grab a minute, I'm very much looking forward to your phone call. Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse: We are so happy and thankful to God that you had a safe
journey home to your family (your own
little army). Hope you enjoy each and every minute of your respite from
war. Sorry about the allery problems. I'm having them here too.
I was hoping in El Paso, there wouldn't be any. Hope you like the
surprise changes in your home Diana
worked so hard on with love. Your
date sounded beautiful with love,
taste, and class and Diana was
thrilled. Bye for now. mom hand

Don said...

Good to have you back home. Have a good time with Diana and the children before you need to return to duty.

Aunt Bree said...

Welcome home Jesse! So glad to hear you are safe and sound with Di and the kids. I can only imagine their excitement on having you home. I am praying that this time will pass slowly for all of during R&R before you head back to your duty. Love you and if you ever get a minute- I'd love a phone call too!