Friday, August 1, 2008

First blog post since R&R?!?

Can this really be my first posting since R&R? My blogger dashboard says it is but it doesn't feel right. In any event, I have been very busy the past few months, keeping my truck running and working towards that next promotion. I've been eligible for Specialist since May but unfortunately it's a big company and there are a lot of PFC's eligible for Specialist. I'm in line somewhere and by November I'll pick it up automatically anyway so I'm not stressing about getting it sooner anymore, if I do I do, if not, oh well.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel of this tour, we're looking at just over 3 months left. Naturally I cannot and will not post a return date on the web, but the end is near. I've seen far more of Iraq than I ever planned too and now that I'm wrapping up the tour, I can see myself doing it again. I'm not looking forward to it, but now that I know what to expect and what is required of me, I'm not worried about another tour or two; heck it's the cool thing to have 3 or 4 tours these days.

The weather has gotten very hot and looks to stay this way until at least the end of August. I still don't know much about when we'll be allowed to take block leave so that we can visit Michigan but expect me to be very bundled up, I've gotten accustomed to it being in the 90's all night and 110-130 during the day. It looks like I may finally be getting internet in my room in Taji. I am on the internet on my own laptop right now but I have to go outside to get a signal. They are in the process of running hard lines to all of the CHU's (container housing units) and the process should be done soon. When that happens I should be able to get online much like I was in VBC.

I don't have much time yet today before work so I'll wrap this up. I tend to get out after 1am my time which is 7 hours ahead for those of you on the east coast. I'm not always online, and the internet isn't always available, they seem to be working bugs out of the system yet, but when I can I will be online and looking for friends and family to chat with.

PFC. Pahman, Jesse C.
United States Army
Camp Taji, Iraq


Diana said...

I love you baby! Glad you got to update. Sorry I missed you in the middle of the night and earlier this am. I was actually up last night with a really bad back ache and had gone back to sleep like just 40 mins before you got on, then this morning, I'm just totally exhausted (between last night and our travels yet). I know we'll catch up to each other soon. Love and miss you!

Mom Jones said...

Yes, this is definitely your first post on your blog since your R & R. Many of us check several times per day to see if there is any news from our soldier-boy. What a nice surprise it was to hear today how you are doing. It would be wonderful if somehow you were able to return to Ft. Bliss by the end of October ~ that way, I would actually get to see you ... I know, I won't count on it. Looking forward to hearing from you more often now that the internet is up and working (almost) in Taji. Love you, MOM

Aunt Bree said...

Hey Brother! The countdown has begun! It doesn't matter if we don't know where we are counting to, the important thins is it is one day closer each day. Love ya!

Mom and Dad Hand said...

Good hearing from you Jesse. We really enjoyed having Diana and the kids here in GR. It will be great when you can join your family and we can see all of you guys. Keep safe, love you. Mom and Dad Hand

TheNamesLisa said...

FROM A STRANGER: Hang in there Jesse! I have a niece that's stationed at Camp Taji with 15 TRANS. Her tour is about over too. Thank you for your service!!

Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon your blog on man is at Taji right now also...he had interent, but its off now and is waiting for the new people to get set up..i cant wait :(
we are from michigan also...

you seem to have a great outlook on it all, and its refreshing to hear that...good luck, and stay safe!

Jesse Pahman said...

wow lots of comments on this one, lets see if I can cover them all, btw stay tuned for another blog posting soon.

Di, obviously we've caught up, we're chatting now lol

Mom, October is NOT going to happen, we have a date now and that's not it, naturally I can't say much.

Sis, the countdown is going very well, it seems to have slowed now that we are so "close" to the end but I'm sure it will pass quickly.

Mom and Dad Hand, we'll all be back in Michigan before too much longer, I just hope I can remember half of the stories I have to tell by that time

Lisa, I've rolled out with 15th Trans a few times in the past, they seem like good people. You can tell them I'm with 377th Trans, the HETs, they'll know what that means.

Tara, keep your head up it may be some time before the internet is back up, the company that is trying to run it on this FOB doesn't seem to know what they are doing. Stay strong in the between times and know that your man is likely very safe.

PFC. Pahman, Jesse C.
United States Army
Camp Taji, Iraq

Anonymous said...

thank so much for your reply!