Friday, September 5, 2008

Back in VBC!!! Woot

I'm back in VBC, land of good internet. I'm working on a new site for the blog, it's one where I can make the posts on my laptop and then upload them when they are ready so I don't have to rely on the internet just to write a post. I actually started making entries when I first heard we'd be going to VBC so there are a few entries there to get caught up with. Comments can be left as well so it should work much like this one does. I'm back with 3rd Platoon and SFC. Kinninschkze who I haven't seen since I left TQ. I'm looking forward to finishing out the tour with some old friends, both from my old platoon and from 57th TC who I got to know when I was here the first time. I'll post the link to the new blog once it uploads and I'm sure exactly what the link is.

Stay tuned.


Diana said...

I'm just glad you made it there safely. Love you honey!

Mom and Dad said...

Good to be hearing from you again. Glad you're back at VBC. Keep us informed, hope the rest of your tour goes smoothly. Do you want packages and mail at your new address when we get it? We pray God keeps you safe. Love, Mom, Dad and David