Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Monday?

I really hate coming up with titles for blog entries. I don't have that much to update but I am bored and I did go to rehab today so I should at least post how that went.

Today's visit wasn't so much to start working on the knee as it was us getting to know each other and setting some goals for the recovery. Being that this wasn't a simple debridement -- look who learned how to spell -- the recovery is a bit different than I initially thought. I'm going to be stuck in a brace (we'll get pictures online soon) for at least 9 weeks while I begin to work the knee. They're not anticipating a full recovery for 6 months. Most of what I'm going to be doing is ROM (range of motion) exercises and leg strengthening. I have a sheet that details what I can and can't do right now and what exercises I should be doing now but I can't remember most of it. It's amazing how much of a cloud the Percoset puts my head in. I only need to take 3 or 4 doses a day depending on how much I'm up and about. Also they took off the wrap that was closest to my skin so the brace I've got with ice water pumping through it is far more effective.

In any event, I'm doing well and they say I should do just fine. I have a follow-up with Ortho on the 25th and another appointment with rehab on the 28th. I'll have Diana snap some photos of the braces and stitches and the setup I've got for myself in the recliner so ya'll know how I've been doing. My head is in a bit of a fog and I'm having trouble sorting my thoughts so I'm going to wrap up. I'm off for 30 days, so 25 more I think, if you wanna chat give me a call or look me up on AOL's instant messenger as jcpahman77 if you're the chatting type. I'll be here and I'd love to talk.


mom and dad hand said...

Hi Jesse: So glad your first PT
is over. Do you have to do those
exercises on your own or will you
have to go to the hospital. I know
the better you can do them at home,
the better you will be. Maybe it'a longer reovery period than you thought, but it will be worth it to walk without pain at work and at home with Diana and the crew. We
love you.

Jesse Pahman said...

For the first week I can do the exercises that I need to do at home. After that I'll be going regularly to rehab with physical therapy.

It is a longer recovery than we thought it was going to be, but if I can get the photos uploaded that they took of the inside of my knee you'll understand; it was torn quite badly. I'm working on getting those uploaded along with a few photos of the braces I'm wearing right now. Last night I was able to upload a few photos of me in the hospital and of the stitches in my knee. I'll have to post a link to the photos here.

When I get the other photos uploaded they should be at that same link. I'll let ya'll know when I get them online.

mom and dad hand said...

Hey Again Jesse: Got a look at the
pictures and how relaxed you looked
before surgery. I'ts amazing how
they could do all that surgery with
tiny incission(sp).

Jesse Pahman said...

It really is. Some of the photos from inside my knee show the surgical tools and you can really get a sense for how small they are. Also it's amazing how little view they had into the knee. I would have gotten lost and needed directions to get out.

Mom Jones said...

We've been kind of in and out around here and I completely missed this blog entry from ... TWO DAYS AGO ... Yikes. I'm glad your first PT session has come and gone. It's important to follow their instructions to the letter ... so be careful! You don't want to do the WRONG movement for your knee at this point. If your head was "foggy" during PT, those instruction sheets should help! I'm looking forward to seeing those photographs ... although when patient's pictures would arrive at the doc's office and I would see them in the charts, I tried to avoid looking at them ... something about the inside of people's bodies are kind of ... yucky! Sending you love on this beautiful Wednesday in Grand Rapids!

Jesse Pahman said...
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Jesse Pahman said...
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Jesse Pahman said...

I'm having trouble putting the link in here lol This is take 3. All the surgery photos are added with the ones of the inside of my knee too.

Let's try again.

Knee Surgery Photos

Dad Hand said...

Hi Jesse, looked at the photos. Amazing what they can do. As far as your head being in a fog, isn't that kind of normal for you? Just kidding!Follow directions closely, we love you. Dad Hand

Jesse Pahman said...

Yeah Yeah, my heads in the clouds. Why don't you come down here and say that to my face shorty.

Dad Hand said...

I can't say it to your face unless I climb a stepladder tall boy. Besides with my memory, by the time I got down there I'd forget why I came.

Anonymous said...

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