Thursday, October 15, 2009

October update?

Maybe I can do this once a month, that shouldn't be too hard. No big updates, just more life as usual. Another neighbor got arrested today. I know, not life as usual maybe for most of you, but in my neighborhood that's par for the course. I'd give more details but they play out like a day time soap opera and who actually watches those things.

Work is going well, I drove a HET today for the first time since my surgery. My new squad leader plans on having the squad goto Alamagordo at least once a week, mostly just to get away from the day-in day-out activities of the motor pool but it also serves to get some of the new members their required miles for their licenses so it's dual purpose. I drove one way today. I want to get "back on the horse" so to speak but I'm certainly not trying to over do it. Especially since driving these things is what injured my knee in the first place.

I've begun researching what I need to do to go CID (criminal investigative division). It turns out I won't be a special agent if I get accepted, but it will be a better career path for me than just truck driver. I need 30 credit hours as a part of the requirement but what little research I've done so far tells me that my military training alone will count for about 20 of those hours so it shouldn't be too hard to pick up another 10. My goal will be to get a criminal justice degree and end up in the crime scene investigation department at CID. I would be similar to the people on CSI then, to give a reference to a TV show. The process isn't an overnight thing but the sooner I can get the ball rolling the sooner I can get in.

Not too much more to say. Like I said, mostly just life as usual here. School and CID are my two short term goals that I'm working on. I've been off Facebook for a while and I'm going to try to keep up to date with that more than just every so often.


mom and dad hand said...

Hi Jesse, glad for the update. Must feel good to be able to drive again. The new career path sounds interesting. Hope everything continues to go well. Love, Mom and Dad Hand

mom hand said...

Hi Jesse: So very glad for another
post. Sounds as though some of
your neighbors are a little too
interesting, huh. Sounds like your
healing is progressing, and we are
thankful to God for that. And
sounds like you are doing your rehab
fine. Love you and miss you all.
It's been cold and nasty here. I think it rained every day for three
weeks and was 50 or below. We had
a killing frost last Sunday nite,
so some of my flowers bit the
dust. We are now grateful if the
sun comes out at all.

Mom Jones said...

Hi Jes! Nice to hear you've been back at the wheel of your HET. That's encouraging!

I think I have "killed" my computer. Mr. Jones says it has a serious serious problem ... he is trying to fix it, but for now I am borrowing the basement computer with many restrictive commands from the house geek (that would be Mr. Jones) so that I don't "kill" this one too. Yikes.

Hope you can get all the information you need about the schooling requirements and that you can get started towards that goal. It sounds very interesting.

Give hugs and kisses to precious Emma, Chris and Matthew ... greetings to Di as well!

Much love!

Anonymous said...

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