Friday, July 27, 2007

Alot of Nothing

It was another fairly uneventful day. We did PT in the morning as per the norm and were instructed to return at 0900 for work call, also normal. When we came back at 0900 we realized that there wasn't any work to do. Instead of stand around until lunch, like we usually do, we were released until 1250 at just 0930. At 1250 we had to be at the Sergeant's Major accademy for another pre-deployment briefing. It was with the Chaplian for out Brigade and was probably even important except that the Lt. Col. had a voice that would make Ben Stien jealous and I promptly went to sleep, going in and out of sleep but not really hearing anything. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a nice easy day, again we don't have any work to do and Saturday starts our block leave time so it would be nice if they gave us a break.


JonesChronicles said...

Hey Jesse! Two things: wanted a chance to say 'goodbye' from all of us before your deployment. Your kids are surely going to miss having you around! It looks like you guys have had some fun times living on base! Secondly, wanted to make sure Dad and Mom arrived safely. I'm so glad they were able to visit you. If you have an address where mail can be sent to you during your deployment, we would love to occassionally write to check up on you and keep you informed as to the happenings here in East Texas. Enjoy your final few days before leaving, OK??

Jesse Pahman said...

Rach, I won't have an address for a bit yet. Also I won't be able to post it here when I do have one. The best way is going to be to stay in touch with Diana, there is only so much OPSEC (operational security) allows me to say about when/where/etc. I'm going.