Monday, July 2, 2007

It's official

First I know it's been a bit since my last blog. This was supossed to be a diary of sorts so that the reader could get an understanding of what military life is like. Of course military life is busy and there is only so much I'm allowed to post on the internet, so my posts have been few.

There is some news though, I got my paper orders for deployement -- I can't say to where, not on here -- and have already begun to pack. Friday I go in for a Barium swallow? Some sort of test for GERD (Gastro-Esophogial Reflux Desease). What with the stress of pre-deployment training a few weeks ago, packing this weekend and getting the cars up to Texas state saftey standards I plan on overloading that poor little machine. The Audi is finally all up to par and has it's DOD stickers so it won't need anything more for at least a year. Good thing too 'cuz I can't pick up my parents in my car when they arrive in a month, I only have a 2 seater.

I finally got to actually drive a HETs (Heavy Equipment Transporter System). Got 250 miles of bobtail miles, bobtail means without a trailer, and all but 18 system miles I need for my license. It's getting annoying not having it too 'cuz right now they won't even let me drive a Humvee without having a licensed driver with me. Oh right silly me most people don't know what a HETs looks like. Ok I'll try to put it to scale with words, I still haven't gotten a good photo that makes it look as large as it is. A common flatbed semi can hold 30 or 40 tons, which is alot of weight. A HETs has a cargo capacity of 70+ tons. The trailer has 40 tires and can steer, even if you've driven commercial truck before, you have to learn how to drive all over again with these trucks.

My little VW is comming along nicely too. I've got all the electrical gremlins tamed from the engine swap I did almost a year ago, I know not lightning fast speed or anything but it's done. Now I just need to replace the e-brake cables and uncobble some wiring for the reverse lights that got caught on one of the half-shafts so I can get my DOD stickers. The temps have gotten steadily warmer and there have been nights where at 9:45pm it's still 92 degrees. Cars don't like warm air, they reward it with slugish acceleration and sometimes poorer economy. I swapped a motor into this car for a better seat of the pants feeling when I planted my right foot so the warm air is upsetting me. I have a plan, not a great one, but I'm designing an air intake cooler. It'll be rough because my resources are limited but as long as it works I don't care.

Stay tuned I'll try to post more regularly.


MOM JONES! said...

That's a sobering title, Jes -- "It's official" makes my stomach hurt :( Don't mind me -- I'm just your mother! But -- no surprise really, as you have been preparing all along and told me many many weeks ago that this was inevitable ... still! My stomach hurts! You are a very good writer, Jesse. Please keep posting, dear. It is so interesting to read about what you are doing. I'm glad your training has gone well -- you'll be licensed before you know it.

See you in 26 days! Much love.