Thursday, August 16, 2007

Screw football, I'm getting the kid a guitar!

For a while now I've noticed that Chris shares my interest in music and he often displays how well he can pickup a rythme. Today was another one of those instances. I started playing some music on the stereo and began to record with the web cam as the hillarity ensued. Hopefully these videos will upload properly, otherwise e-mail me and I'll send the files your way.

I got off easy this morning with the gas chamber. They listed a whole bunch of things that would prevent a person from being able to go through, I didn't think any were going to apply, but then they listed severe acne and I was off the hook. It's noted in every medical file I have since joining the Army and it was enough that during SRP (can't remember what it stands for but it's where we get our shots, etc.) they wouldn't give me the smallpox vaccine because they were concerned I'd infect myself. So this morning I stood and watched as the most of the company went through and came out gagging, an experience that I remember and hope I'll never have to relive.

I have begun to use the laptop for my blogs to get used to using it on a full time basis, this and the last blog were typed on the laptop. The last blog I typed in a word editor first then copied and pasted the text into the blogger. It's nice, this way I can blog without having to be right at my desk, I can even take it to work with me and blog if/when we get breaks. I've even started to pickup some sort of wireless signal here at home even though none of my neighbors have wireless internet. From what it looks like the antennae on this laptop is so sensative that it is actually picking up a resonance frequency from within our wired router and able to use it as a connection.


MOM JONES! said...

We are really going to be thankful for this web cam thing -- I hope we can get it figured out on this end -- Mr. Jones has been busy loading programs to the laptop and getting it all in shipshape condition. I'm so glad you were not put through the chamber again! Lots and lots of people are praying for each and every one of you.

MOM JONES! said...

Mr. Jones is requesting that you e-mail us instructions for the use of a web cam -- I have written down the number you gave me, Jesse -- but you mention a yahoo account and Mr. Jones says it would be very helpful if you instructed us via e-mail how to set this up so that we can understand it -- Thanks!

Jesse Pahman said...

To all, my Yahoo! screen name is jcpahman77. If you goto you can download the program. Just pick a screen name for yourself and then add me to your list.

mom h said...

Jesse: Larry typed a comment on
this particular blog, but it looks
like it never made it. Yup, all
three kids got rhythm in their souls. Chris is a serious guitar
player, Emma is the dancer, and
Matt is in the action and might be
the football player after we saw
him pile on Emma. Great video. We
enjoyed it so much. Remember, Jesse, God carries us when we need
it. Love, Us