Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another new home

I'm back to living in a tent, I think there are 20 of us in this one, the setup isn't too bad, AND the toilets here have running water, no more outhouses. Yes that's right I have moved yet again. I turns out that 2nd platoon had to get rid of four people, for reasons I'm sure I will never know, much to that end I'm sure I'll never know why they sent us when we were from a group of just 35 and they had 200+ up in Taji, que sera, sera I guess. I used to live in TQ, Al Taqaddum, and now I am in BIAP, Bagdad International AirPort. That's right ladies and gentlemen, good ol' Bagdad, and I thought driving through Fallujah every so often was going to make me go grey, I don't stand a chance now. Bad enough I'm practically bald on top of that. Things are much more laid back here though, fewer rules, it's as if we're at war and they actually let us enjoy our down time, oh wait we are. Someone needs to get a memo to the Sergeant Major over there at TQ. Anyhow it means for now I am away from my Army family, thrown in with another platoon, it better not be for too long either because I plan on picking up at least two promotions while I'm here and I'd like to celebrate with friends. The only real upside is I get internet on my laptop in my tent so I can surf where I want went I want as long as I'm not working. Stop in from time to time, I should be able to post more often now, but as for now, it's late I'm going to wrap this one up.

Good night.


Aunt Bree said...

Glad to "see" you again via the blog. I'll check back everyday. Drive safe, keep safe, and know that you are very much loved!!! And I know its not the same as celebrating with your buddies there, but we can always celebrate with you via the internet and snail mail. Love ya brother!

Mom Hand said...

Hi Jesse: Just read your newest
blog. The Army must figure you
are adaptable and a good soldier to
move you again. Just know that
wherever you are, we all are with
you. Love you always and all ways.

Love, Mom and Dad

Nick Jones said...

Great to know that you will be writing more...I've always wanted to go to capital of Iraq...I'm so jealous. (try the dates for me!)

Diana said...

I'm sorry they made you move sweetie! Hopefully it will be for a certain reason. I love you! And miss you lots!

Joy said...

Hang in there!

MOM JONES! said...

I can't tell you how nice it is to have a new post on your blog. Even though we heard 5 days ago, it helps so much to hear you talk and know that you are OK. I'm sad with you about your move, but am trusting that the LORD will bring good out of this hard situation for you. Don and I are with Di and the little ones, and are exhausted today from the air show and all of the heat. It was a great show, though. Do you remember the one we went to in Battle Creek all those years ago -- with the hot air balloons?
Praying constantly for you, dear son. Tomorrow, we are going to church with Diana and the kids. We'll tell you about it later. :)