Monday, November 19, 2007

Some additions to the room

Some things came in the mail today. I figured I'd snap some pictures and post them up. It took some work, the internet and my laptop fought me for a few hours now, but it looks like they're going to work now.


mom hand said...

What neat decorations, pictures, and
cards. And you were able to decorate
inside and outside too. Dad and I
think they look super. Hope some of
your fellow soldiers can enjoy they
too. I've been having a fight with
this computer too. Not just trying
to download pictures and blogs but
the sticky key syndrone--especially
the space bar. All our love,

MOM JONES! said...

I am really surprised how quickly your Christmas box arrived to you! I very glad you will be able to enjoy the stuff all during the holidays and not just the day or two before Christmas! :) Thanks for giving me so many smiles looking at these pictures ... a friend of ours died and we have been sad for days. I love you, dear Jesse. :)

Aunt Bree said...

Has my card arrived yet? I mailed it a while back. Glad to hear that the mail has been arriving farily quickly- I should have your box ready within the next week to get sent over. If you have any requests just let me know!
Love Sabrina

Jesse Pahman said...

Sis, your card is indeed here, I had to think about it for a minute. The letter on the inside lost their stick and fell off so I'm going to reglue them before I hang it up on the board with all the others.