Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've been busy, can you tell?

I had this whole blog entry written, twice now. For some reason either the internet or something else has made it not publish. So this is take 3. I've been on 4 back to back missions now and I have at least 2 more to go before I can try to get one off. I'm exhausted, my room is a wreck, and I'm out of clean laundry, but aside from that I'm doing well. I will post more again if/when I ever get some time. I am doing well and am looking forward to moving up in the ranks quicker than I originally thought, at least, it's a possibility at this point.

God Bless


MOM JONES! said...

So nice have an update from you! Four missions back to back sounds rough and exhausting for sure. Perhaps in the morning I will be able to connect with you and "talk." You haven't been online much, and now I know why. Thanks for the post ... it made my day! So much love for you, Jes.

Aunt Bree said...

Thanks for the update! Your Christmas package is on the way and I hope that you will make it in time. Stay safe on your missions! Looking forward to seeing you on mom's webcam for Christmas maybe!

mom hand said...

Hi Jess:
So good to get a note from you. Some
times that is all you have time for.
I just hate it when I type a comment
and then it is just deleted. Have
had that too. Also, our computer
was acting up again last week, do
dad was on the phone for at least an
hour with at&t, after we had tried
everthing we could think of to fix it. The guy said he thinks our
connection inside the computer for the router is aging and had us unplug it. As you can see, it is
working again, but it was at least
2 1/2 days without. The missions
sound tough, so you need food and
rest in between first. We under-
stand that. We are praying for you
all the time and love you with all
our hearts. mom and dad hand