Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

It's been Christmas Eve almost a day here now and it's been pleasant. No work, no worries. Yesterday I bought myself a little present, an iPod nano, and I've been listening to it most of the day. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a HUGE Apple fan but I've always been anti-mp3 player. They've always seemed like such a waste of money to me. The first iPods were something like $400 and all they do is play music. I just couldn't justify it. So a week ago when someone from 57th Trans let me borrow their iPod nano before a mission I had my gaurd up. I didn't want to like it. Well that went out the window in about 30 seconds. It's stupid easy to use and has quite possible the best sound I've ever heard dispite coming with just earbuds for headphones.

Naturally I was upset, now I wanted one. So I began doing my research online like anyone would. Turns out the iPod nano starts at $149 and offers 4Gb of storage space which works out to nearly 1000 songs. For $50 more you can get an 8Gb which holds 2000 songs. So I put on my best puppy dog face turned on the web cam and asked for one. It's nice to have a wife that understands how important music is. Oh and finally getting paid for our move to El Paso probably didn't have anything to do with it either. This thing is soo small though, I'm so afraid I'm going to loose it. It's almost literally the size of a credit card and can play for 24hrs without needing a recharge and then it only needs 3 hours to be fully charged again. It's easily been the highlight of my past couple days.

The big thing for tomorrow aside from trying to be able to watch the kids open gifts, will be building myself a better bed. That sounds weirder the more I say it but you all know I'm never satisfied with something the way it is, I must modify it somehow. We have such little room that right now I've built the bed high enough to put my gear underneith. The problem is I didn't have proper tools and it's starting to fall apart, which means one of these nights I'm going to crash through to the floor. Plus right now it's in the middle of the room. I went out and got a hand saw, a hammer and some nails (wrong ones gotta exchange them. Grrr) and tomorrow if all goes well I'm going to start building. Later tonight I'm going to get all the measurements I need so that once I exchange the nails I can begin work. Naturally I will take and post pictures. I'm really hating the formatting blogger adds to all my posts. Like the song lyrics, I had that broken down into paragraphs before I posted it, too bad it didn't come out that way. I think I need to check the theme for this blog. Maybe Diana can help me out. Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I'll be online off and on tomorrow, MSN screen name jcpahman77. Drop me a line if you get the chance.


mom hand said...

Hi Jesse: I check your blog and
Diana's first thing in the morning
and at night, and if I get the
chance during the day. So, here tis
Christmas Eve., and your nano sounds
good, but most of all, get your bed
rebuilt. Dad and David are both
working today. Yesterday, we had
blizzard conditions and got at least
6" of snow, and its drifted and
heavy. Got a path done for now. Don't you miss shoveling (ha,ha).
Before that we had such terrible
winds our neighbors heavy plastic
lawn chairs were in our front yard
(and they live across the street).
Bye for now, peace and God Bless

Aunt Bree said...

Merry Christmas Eve to you too Jesse! I am the same way about the IPod- I want one too now but can't begin to justify it yet with our expenses. I didn't want to want one either and then Olivia saved up and bought herself a Shuffle and I liked it. Don't need the huge one, don't really need one at all in all truth but still would like one- maybe next Christmas! Have you gotten my package yet? I was hoping that it would get to you before Christmas since it has some Christmas stuff in it for you. I hope it did make it but either way I just really hope that you like what I sent! Stay safe, know that we all love you and hope to see you tomorrow via mom's webcam. Love you brother!

MOM JONES! said...

I think I remember that puppy-dog face ...

The nano sounds wonderful, but far too technical for me. I'm fine with the radio and I've even gotten used to CD's instead of tapes ...

Hope all goes well with building your bed. We'll all look forward to seeing pictures of it -- or perhaps while we are on the Webcam tomorrow, you will have it finished.

It's good to hear from you. Did you get the little box I sent? I hope so.

Love you!

Jesse Pahman said...

oops totally forgot to post I got both of your packages. Also don't hold your breath on the cam. Right now the internet is so bad I'm having trouble pulling up a web page. I can chat just fine, sometimes with a bit of a delay, but the cam has not worked for me to see Di or her to see me. I'm really hoping it's different somehow tomorrow but I get the feeling with no one working it will actually be worse, the more people using this internet, the slower it goes.