Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just another day in Iraq

I'm using the internet when I can at the MWR, it's free but limited on time. Diana has sent a replacement laptop which I'm looking to see mid-next week if all goes well. It's an Apple, so I'm giddy of course. Also I'm researching what it's going to take to turn the satelite dish I have into internet access of my own, it'll be faster and I can control it, two positives.

In the meantime, I'm logging up more and more missions, my driving continues to improve, if that's possible. Ok conceeded I know but what the heck, it's my blog, you have a different opinion, make your own post. Life is mostly the same over here, with the exception of a curfew for soldiers now (which I'm sure will blow over). Apparently two dumbasses managed to wander off and get themselves killed on the FOB and now we can't have anyone in our rooms after 2100 and we can't be out past 2300. That's 9:00pm and 11:00pm for the civilians reading. It sucks because that's when we really have time to spend with each other, but at least we can hang out at the MWR and play pool and watch movies.

Pray the laptop shows up on time and I should be able to get back to having regular internet access, which will mean I can read and return e-mails again and start using the web cam occasionally as well.

From Iraq:

PFC. Pahman, Jesse C.
United States, Army
Camp Liberty, Iraq


MOM JONES! said...

Good to have an update, Jesse. It always makes my day to click on your blog and have news ...

I'm glad Diana was able to get another laptop for you -- she probably went to a lot of trouble to do so! We will all be very happy to be able to connect with you more regularly -- it's an amazing relief to hear from you whenever we do.

Our prayers for your well-being continue, as well as for Diana and the children. You are all loved and missed here in Michigan.

Dad and Mom Hand said...

Hi Jesse, hope the new computer works out well for you. I always liked apples better than PC's too. Sounds like they are keeping you busy, makes the time go faster. Take advantage of the extra rest time. Keep safe. We all love you and respect what you're doing.