Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Much News

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a little over a week and there is much to report.

First and foremost my laptop has broken, it fell off of my bed and the power connection pushed all the way inside of it, so as it stands now I have no laptop. Currently I am borrowing a friend's but it's only for an hour or two at a time. I've begun to try to repair it, but it may be a moot point. News has come down that our platoon is being moved to Taji to rejoin the rest of the company. The problem with this is that there is no internet in Taji. The provider up there turned out to be a terrorist, nice huh? They were taking the soldier's money for the internet and giving it over to the enemy.

Everyone in my platoon, the company we are with, and the battalion here is fighting this move. The problem is that the order has come down from a Brigade level. It seems our Captain Hernandez knows people in high places. I could go into the safety reasons of why we shouldn't move but I'm not sure how much of that I can really discuss. What I can say is this: We've been doing such a good job here in VBC that we've been requested so often by other FOBs that we cannot support the work load. As such a call went out for more trucks. 16 more trucks are on their way here so we will have a total of 24. The powers that be in Taji saw this as the perfect time to get us back. We're fighting this move tooth and nail, but it seems all we're going to end up doing is slowing this down. The worst part of this is it's a slap in the face. How can you look a group of people in the face and say, "you are doing such good work that we need to bring more trucks here to support the work load, oh and by the way, you all won't be the ones doing the work anymore, we're going to bring in an activated reserve unit of infantrymen". I dunno, it's just a raw deal. I'll post up news when I can but there is no internet in Taji and for now my laptop is still down. I love you all and I'll keep fighting the good fight.


MOM JONES! said...

I'm sorry to hear all of this news as it sounds bad for you and your unit. I also feel terrible about your laptop situation -- I know how much you benefit from being connected to Di and the children through it ... and how much Di is comforted to be able to talk with you. So much prayer is needed and will be offered about all of this. I can feel your pain through your words and so I am hurting with you too. I've got to go and look up Taji again and try to figure out where this is in relation to where you are now. Don and I were at our New Year's Eve party last night and we began 2008 praying in the new year. Prayer was offered specifically for you and all joined in agreement for the Lord to have His gracious hand upon you. Love you, Jes.

Aunt Bree said...

Keep fighting the good fight, stay safe, rest in the Lord and know that you are loved! I will be praying specifically about all of this for you and Di. Love you Jes!

Chesno Slova said...

Got here a round about way from

I was in Taji from Mar'04-Mar'05 with 1CAV. It is a nice place and we didn't have internet connections in our hooches, but had plenty of cafe's to use. Our battalion even had their own internet cafe with 20 or so computers.

There was a local guy setting up service for each room, but evidently he didn't know a thing about wiring and it never worked before I left. Knowing what I do about the place, what you say about funneling money to terrorists doesn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess:
God has and will always be with you.
You are doing a great job and are a
good soldier. We will all write if
need be, but I do hope the laptop
situation will be resolved so you
can communicate with Diana and kids
directly. It was good to see the
comment from slova who told about
Taji, which eases some worry. God Bless you, slova. We are all praying
for you, ya know and you are always
in our hearts. Love, mom and dad