Sunday, October 4, 2009


No real news, I just feel like chatting. I have been thinking about going to college. I've been researching how many credits my military training coverts to. I'm leaning towards a criminal justice degree but still need to talk to a few counselors, one with the college to find out what I need to do to enrol, and one with the Army to learn how much tuition assistance I'll get or if I'll need to use my GI bill.

If I get my degree I have a few options for the future. I'd really like to get a law enforcement job back in MI, local, county, state, whatever, just something that brings me back to the state. If I can't get a law enforcement job I can drop a packet for CID (criminal investigative department). It would be a huge promotion, my rank would become that of a warrant officer, but I'd be addressed as a special agent, kinda like the show NCIS except that's Navy and TV. It would likely mean staying in the Army longer, but I have to accept the reality of the job market in Michigan right now. It's really hard to be this far away, but it's a nessisary sacrifice to provide right now.

My recovery is still going well. I can walk quite well without the crutches although I'm not sure I'm supposed to yet. I missed my 6 week appointment 'cuz I lost track of what day it was. Hopefully when I get it rescheduled I'll be allowed to walk without crutches, especially since I broke one of them already. Physical therapy has been a little unpleasant but it's just muscle rebuilding, any muscle strengthening has a degree of pain and rebuilding an attrophied muscle doesn't seem to be an exception.

Anyway, like I said, no real news, just felt like chatting. Can't wait to visit Michigan again. Hopefully before the end of the year, but I don't know when yet.


Mom and Dad Hand said...

Hi Jesse, good to hear from you again. Sounds like you are doing some thinking concerning the future. You could be a Jethro Gibbs. Hang in there with the physical therapy, sounds like you are doing great. Hi to Diana and the kids. Love, Mom and Dad Hand

Mom Jones said...

Sorry about your boredom Jes. It would be nice to have you guys back in Michigan ... beyond nice actually ... but a job for you is more important than your location. Glad to hear your knee is on the mend ... be careful not to jump ahead of what your rehab. folk are instructing, OK? We just returned home from Ohio and leave again midweek to visit Adam and Emily. I'll be in El Paso to see you in 10weekends ... I don't think my tickets are refundable and I didn't think you guys were even considering coming to Michigan (although you are always welcome!). Love and hugs to everyone there in far away El Paso.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse: I think boredom comes
along with frustration at this
point of your recovery especially
at not being able to do everything
yet while you heal. That just
takes the time it takes and if you
try to rush to much, it can't heal
the way it is supposed to. Good to
hear you are using this time to
give thought to future plans. I know
God will help you decide your path--
it's just not always what we want
when we think we want it. (Well,
I guess that's enough motherly advice for today. Know always
you (and all of you) are in our
hearts and thoughts always and
all ways. I thought you guys
were going to be in El Paso at
Christmas also.

mom hNS said...

p.s. ABOVE comment is from me.

Mom Hand

Anonymous said...

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