Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's been a while again, lol.

I really must work harder to keep this up to date. I got a new computer and I'm making myself home on it before I leave. It was free so don't freak out, a former roommate of mine bought a system for parts. He said he had what he wanted out of it and offered me the rest. From the looks of it he only took the monitor and DVD burner, which is fine with me. It's an AMD Live 64 4200+ 2.2Ghz system with 512mb of RAM, a 320 gig hard drive, a 9 way memory card reader, 6 channel sound and on board nVidia graphics. The RAM and graphics could stand to be upgraded and once I sell my old system off I'll likely upgrade this one. So far I am very pleased though, my old system was getting, well old, and had managed to pickup some sort of bug. I could never find it despite running McAfee Enterprise edition virus scanning plus a host of anti-spam programs but now I get a clean start. I'll connect my old hard drive to this one and slowly begin to move files over I care about, as long as it can read it that is, otherwise I'll do it on CD-ROM's. That's pretty much all the news, I had another round of pre-deployment tests and shots today. Lucky for me I only needed one shot, too bad it was the second anthrax shot, those things hurt. As it stands now though I'm all set to go. I'll keep everyone as posted as OPSEC (operational security) allows, there is only a limited amount I am allowed to say.

Until next time, God bless.


MOM JONES! said...

I agree that it has been too long since you posted anything -- 20 days, to be exact. I had almost given up checking your blog, dear. However, having checked it, I understand only about one sentence of what I just read. You will have to show me this new computer on Saturday and then perhaps I will understand more (doubtful, but worth a try). See you shortly!