Friday, October 5, 2007

Kelsey's Purpose

I meant to add this to my last blog entry but forgot and before I forget again I wanted to get it on here. I came accross this site, Kelsey's Purpose, on a bulliten from one of my MySpace friends. Her story is a sad one and it touched me deaply. Kelsey was born to divorced parents, her father deployed shortly after she turned one (if I have the story right) and she lived with her Mother. While Kelsey's father was away her mother remarried. Kelsey's father was on his way home from Iraq, when he called to say he was leaving the country Kelsey was ok, when he called to say he was in the states, she was dead. It turns out Kelsey's new dad had been abusing her for the past nine months and on that last occassion had hit her so hard in her stomach that she died of blunt force trauma. My heart and tears went out to the family immediately. The site tells the story better and also serves as the home for an organization that serves to help other children from abuse. I thought I'd pass it on, let's not let her death be for nothing, there is a fellow soldier who is now without his daughter after being away serving our nation, I can think of no greater loss. Let them know how you feel and maybe we can all work to make a difference.


Mom Hand said...

Hi Jesse: Just read your blog,
and, like you, can't believe the
terrible sadness that goes on in the world. Why anyone would hit a
child that hard is beyond belief,
and her biological father needs our
prayers to deal with the loss. Some times things just don't seem
fair, and in that situation where
he was deployed and on his way home
is heartbreaking. Only God can help.

MOM JONES! said...

That's too sad, Jesse. I went to the link you provided and got more information. Kelsey died in 2005. What a terrible thing for this family, for this soldier -- Kelsey is with Jesus, so we know she is OK now.

Tell us what you are doing on a day-to-day basis -- we don't know anything about what you are doing and would be interested to read it, even if it isn't what you were trained to do ...

Love to you! Mom

Diana said...

It was the mother's new boyfriend. When they first suspected abuse she was put in the car of her grandmother. She started having visits with her mom and the abuse showed up again. At one point she had both of her legs broken. Yet a judge still awarded custody back to the mother. Shortly after, the child died. And yes, her father was serving in Iraq and if that wasn't enough, he had to come home and bury his little girl.

Now this is a true case of child abuse! Too many people chose not to notice or over react to other things while children like this are truly being abused. Little kids are sitting down in the middle of busy streets, mother no where in sight and so on.

My prayers go out to all of those victims!