Friday, October 5, 2007

just a mini blog entry for right now

This is just a quickie to address an issue I've noticed. First I'll put everyone's minds at ease, things are still going just fine over here, just the day to day stuff day in and day out right now, no real news. The issue I'm noticing is people trying to add me to their messenger programs. It seems the software is getting a little funky on my end. I'm getting requests from MSN and Yahoo! through Yahoo! and everytime I log in I get asked to add the same people. If I haven't added you and you are wondering why, it's the software, not me. In the meantime, you may just wanna e-mail me via I also have my snail mail (standard post mail) address for any interested

Send Mail to:
PV2., Pahman, Jesse C.
32nd TC #43338 168th BSB
Camp Liberty, Iraq
APO AE 09344

p.s. Mom and Dad Hand, I recieved your letter with the bookmark yesturday and will be bringing the bookmark with me on the road along with my Bible.


MOM JONES! said...

I e-mailed your snail-mail address to all of the family and friends yesterday ... we'll all try to get something in the mail to you in the next few days ...

mom hand said...

Thanks Jesse: Diana did give me
your U.S. Mail address and I have
printed out labels. I am giving
your address to church, and mailing
it to relatives. Love always &
all ways

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