Thursday, October 18, 2007

well I brought it on myself...

Never should have started counting the days between posts. The nature of military life is a schedule that is unpredictable. We're moving to the containers now to live. Sounds funny I'm sure but it's a more permanent living structure, smaller but it has a door. We're going to have roommates but it should feel more like a home than this tent has. It's hard to find things to post here, more and more the day to day of what I'm doing just can't be posted on the internet. I've started to get more mail from home, which is always cool. I'm hoping to get/make a desk in my new room so I'll be able to write back more easily. Things are still going very well and I'm looking forward to picking up my PFC (private first class) come the first. From there I'll pickup SPC (specialist) in May and then it's a downhill trip to sergeant. Aside from that I'm just doing what I can to fight boredom, that's the hardest part about being here right now.


Aunt Bree said...

A containier doesn't sound particularily pleasant to me but can see how it is better than a tent.

Our mail for you is going out this week- hopefully you will get it soon.

Jesse Pahman said...

It's a container but I'm lacking the words to properly describe it. Mail seems to get here fairly quickly and I'll let you know when it gets here.

mom hand said...

Container - I'm picturing something
like the ones you see being carried
on a train. Can certainly see it
would be better than canvas. It's
been warm here yet for the most part
just a little cool and some rain,
otherwise, we're lovin the extended
summer. We'll be praying for your
next promotion to come through.
Uncle Ken called here Sunday to see
how things we going with us, you, and
Diana and the kids. He read the blogs I downloaded from the computer and mailed them to him.
He said the living conditions sound
just like Vietnam including attacks. We love you Jess, and our
prayers for you, and Diana and the
kids are continuous. Mom and Dad

Jesse Pahman said...

The containers are exactly like the ones you see on the trains, except with 3 doors and divider walls, otherwise no different. The Army uses containers like that for practically everything, they ship so easy, boat, rail, road, it's all the same.

Joy said...

Ugh! Boredom must really make the time go if being away from the fam and friends is bad enough! Hang in there! Glad you're not in a tent anymore. What's your weather like there? The first time my hubby was deployed to Iraq it snowed there! he sent home pictures and told all his friends "Anyone who says they were gonna do something when Hell freezes over, you better get busy!" LOL!
Thanks for your service to our beautiful country!

Diana said...

For those sending mail, just an fyi. Getting closer to the holidays, it will slow down and start to take longer to get there (I have been warned of this). Before sending anything, try to look at websites as there are some no nos. If sending a Christmas package, do not mark it as so on the outside. Leaving the boxes plain are the best.

Love you Jes!

MOM JONES! said...

I'm late seeing your post because of severe storms here last night, loss of power (the usual for Belmont) and then I didn't turn the computer back on for fear of a meltdown. A container does sound better than a tent, but then I've never been a tent person at all. I hope to start sending you more regular mail. Gail wants me to come to her 5th grade class with some pictures of you, Diana, and the kiddos so that the children can "see" who their "class soldier" is! So I'm hoping to do that the Friday before Veteran's Day (November 9 I think).

Loving you and praying daily for you!

Anonymous said...

hey jesse, this is chad (oldredrocco) from MIVE... i saw the link in your sig.

just dropping you a line for support/your in my prayers. i hope to see you soon!