Friday, October 26, 2007

The quickest way to get the "are you a retard?" look

Clean your boots in the desert. Now normally I wouldn't do it either. Whoever made these boots managed to make the leather the exact same color as the sand/dust out here, likely not by mistake either, point being they rarely look dirty. Yesturday though I had to give my truck a bath, and not like just spray it down but make sure all the dirt was completely off of it. That's a tough task for a vehicle that sees desert combat traffic, has 48 tires on the ground and is something like 60' long from end to end. Needless to say, the truck got clean and I got dirty. By the end my boots were retaining so much water, from the hose that sprung a leak, that when I stepped I could see it squishing out of the seams. The hose was quickly patched -- with DUCT TAPE, so that instead of a stream of water to deal with I had a nice fine mist. I had mud on my head by the time I was finished. So yesturday and overnight I left my boots on the a/c unit to dry. The outside of it gets quite warm so it worked out pretty good. Today after doing some work in the motorpool I began the process of scrubbing the stuck and now dried on mud off. I got the most retarded looks. So many people asked, "why are you cleaning your boots?" To which they all got this answer, "so that they'll be clean". Anyway, not much has changed since the last update, just working hard and moving alot of equipment, just another day down, another day closer to being home.


MOM JONES! said...

QUESTION: Is the AC unit outside your container or inside? I'm just asking because if it is inside where you live, it might not smell so pleasant with your boots airing out! I know your feet, Jes! :)

Still using duct tape, eh? Good stuff! It sounds like the truck cleaning was an all-day project. No pictures allowed? OK. We'll settle for a nice word from you today -- I was out walking just an hour ago telling the LORD that it would be really nice to hear from you today ... thanks, Lord -- thanks, Jesse! Much love to you.

mom hand said...

Sounds like a full day alright. I
have to wonder who has the problem
when people ask you what you are
doing cleaning your boots? Don't
think it's you Jesse--tis those that
have to ask and give strange looks.
Must be when that stuff hardens, it turns into cement, huh. How is container life. Hope it's better than the tent. I had to use duct tape today, too, even tho I do get
caught up in the stuff and really get frustrated. Proud of you ,Jesse
Love and prayers.

Aunt Bree said...

Now I know that my kids love to clean dad's truck but it is considerable smaller than yours. I can picture you cleaning it off, spraying it down, mending the hose with the dute tape (it's great stuff ain't it?), and cleaning your boots. Even though the boots are sand colored, aren't you suppose to keep them clean in the army?

You know those boots you wear- we had a visitor at church, a marine, who was wearing his desert boots under his jeans and another member recognized him instantly as a solider b/c of those boots. Stay safe and lots of love!