Sunday, October 28, 2007

Maybe I was a little rash

A good night's sleep and some prayer has allowed a little bit of an epiphany. It seems to me that if my leadership knew I was having a conversation with my old platoon yesturday before they even left that it couldn't have been them that "leaked" any info. It has to be someone here tattling on me and misconstruing what I'm saying. So, I'll go on posting here and chatting much as I did, I'll just watch my tongue around the others I work with. I have a good feeling who it is, which doesn't really matter, I'll just make sure if I'm stating opinions that they are well formed and direct so that they cannot be twisted to be used against me. As I stated in my last posting I am doing quite well over all, staying busy working on the trucks and pulling missions when assigned to.

PV2., Pahman, Jesse C. (soon to change)
United States Army
Camp Liberty, Iraq


Diana said...

Sorry someone is doing that to you honey. You know I would understand if you had to let this go. I know not everyone realizes what they can and can't ask you and that can get a little hard on you. Many of times have I wanted to ask things but I know I can't and I won't because I want you coming home to me. I love you!

Zack said...

Keep posting, or you'll go mad Jesse, God bless you dude!!

mom hand said...

Hey Jesse: I tried to respond to your earlier blog, but it wouldn't
let me. Do what you need to keep anyone from interpreting your thoughts into the way they think, and
to keep your superiors happy. As for headaches, you know I can identify
with those buggers. Wouldn't it be
possible for you to type some things
into your computer to vent and then
delete those that aren't bloggable
We love you all the time and pray for you to be safe and healthy and
that the 13 months will go fast.

MOM JONES! said...

Forgive me if I am confused, but I haven't read one single word in this blog of yours that I don't read in the newspaper, front page or otherwise, each and every day right here in my family room. I don't get it. You hardly say ANYTHING about what you are doing, what is happening over there, WHERE you are, etc. So ... keep on writing, dear. So many of us back home pray for you daily, pray for the group of people you are closely associated with, pray for any and all missions you are involved with, pray for your physical and spiritual and emotional well-being, talk to the Lord when we are driving, talk to Him about you when we roll over at night and can't sleep, lift you up before Him at our meals, etc. Please keep writing. You are loved.

Jesse Pahman said...

The issue is I'm censoring out SOOO much of what I know to make sure you only read what is available to you in the paper. Probably 90% of my day can never hit this blog and that makes what I say difficult because I like to share my life and what I'm doing will all of you but the problem is when I go on mission, everything is confidential.

MOM JONES! said...

I understand the confidentiality thing, and it must be really hard not to be able to share stories with all of us of what you are really doing on a day-to-day basis. I agree with Mom Hand about that, though. Write it down somewhere. Journal what has happened, what you are doing, what it's like for you -- save all of that and let us read it when you come home. That way, you won't forget all of the interesting stuff that you are learning and seeing every day -- and we all can look forward to hearing about it 13 months from now - OK? But in the meantime, just tell us what you can -- stuff we can pray about for you and the folk you work with -- everyday kind of stuff, and we'll try to be faithful to pray. Much love to you.

Cosmo said...

PV2 Pahman,

You're right.. I was pretty much an open life person and had two blogs before my military life.. and I find myself limited quite on what I can say..

And yeah, I'm at Liberty too, I found your blog because of a Google Alert I had set up for the complex.. so, yeah, watching what you say would be wise.

-PFC Christopher Herff

P.S. Soon to be changed, are you getting a promotion? Congrats!!

Jesse Pahman said...

Wow I didn't know blogger could do alerts like that, I guess I've still got a bit to learn about this thing lol. Cool to hear from someone else here on Liberty, and yes on the first I should be picking up PFC, for those not in the military the 1st marks my one year mark in the Army. Christopher if you see the HET's rolling by honk or wave, that's my company. Maybe I'll run into you before you leave.

Cosmo said...

It's called a google alert, I have one set up for my unit and for Camp Liberty, so I can catch up on the news.. and blogger gets indexed on Google. I'll be here until around late June, I'm supporting 1CD right now, but we are technically attached to whoever MND-B is, so I'll still be here when 4ID comes in.

If you ever see a PAO Army soldier with a Sony videocamera and asking people for interviews for a military news story, there's probably a good chance that's me.

Aunt Bree said...

You know that we all love you and that we all understand about the security that you must maintain. God's got you and He knows what you need even when we don't so we just entrust you to Him. You know what's best and we are all here behind you either way. I'm trying to add you as a friend on IM- I know- I'm late jumping on the bandwagon but check it out when you can to add me on.

BTW- Jackson picked out his own costume this year- he immediately picked out a green camo solider costume- complete with a plastic hand grenade, canteen and radio. He is so excited! I'll post pics later so check it out when you can. Oh- and my first card went out earlier this week finally to you- watch out for it, 'K? Love ya Jesse! Your sister.